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The WORD: Trumpiness

Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and The WORD

The W0rd Trumpiness

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert used to take the election cycle, turn it on its head, shake it around, smack its ass, and send it away whimpering. With the Republican National Convention in full swing, the thing that I’m missing the most are the slings and acidic barbs from their former shows. Yes, Stephen Colbert (the man) takes plenty of shots at Donald Trump and the Republican party, but it doesn’t seem to have the same bite as when it was done by Stephen Colbert (the character). Perhaps that’s why Stephen Colbert began his quest to find Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

As the man says:

It’s time to say aloha to Stephen Colbert… and say aloha to Stephen Colbert.

Not only did Stephen Colbert’s quest manage to find Stephen Colbert, it also found The WORD.

Enjoy the Trumpiness!

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