Adam Ruins Everything

Adam Ruins Everything

Adam Ruins Everything, based on the similarly named CollegeHumor web series, debuted last September on truTV and I had no idea it existed until this past weekend. While winding down one night, my brother and sister-in-law introduced me to the show. The premise intrigued me – sketch comedy edutainment episodes featuring an “abrasive” know-it-all host. Enter Adam Conover. The sketches setup popular misconceptions or trendy beliefs and Adam debunks them.

Adam Ruins Everything: Video Games

This segment is from the Adam Ruins Summer Fun episode. I realize it’s anecdotal evidence, but I know a great deal more women than teenage boys who love playing video games. Also from this episode: How Mickey Mouse Destroyed the Public Domain.

Adam Ruins Everything: Wine Snobs

Taken from the episode Adam Ruins Restaurants, Adam takes aim at wine snobs with WINE PRANKS! I am particularly amused by this as it applies just as much to beer snobs. My beer palate is pretty good and I can usually pick out a specific beer once I’ve had it. I certainly can’t do it all the time, though.

Adam Ruins Everything: Herpes

Adam Ruins Sex features the above segment on Herpes as well  as The Truth About Hymens and Sex.

For fans of the show, truTV has picked up 14 more episodes that will begin airing 8/23/16. So, what do you think?

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