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Glass Animals: How To Be A Human Being

Glass Animals How To Be A Human Being

Glass Animals just released their sophomore album, How To Be A Human Being. Garnering mixed reviews, this album follows a trend of using retro video game music or sound effects. Weaving this nostalgia and technical gimmickry into the fabric of an album often only works in small doses. What you’ll need to decide when listening is how big a dose you’re willing to take. Fortunately, the album doesn’t stop there.

Other songs blend hip-hop, 80s-style synths, afro-rhythms, harps, flutes, ambient noises, street chatter, augmented or downtuned spoken word, and a host of other technical tricks. There are moments throughout the album that it reminds me of The Avalanches’ Wildflower. The album is quirky. It’s catchy. It may epitomize the definition of a mood album. Therefore, I could also entertain the argument that it’s annoying as hell. It may really depend on your mood. While it doesn’t matter to me, almost half of the album contains explicit lyrics. So, if you’re listening at work, you might want to wear headphones or ensure the volume is down.

So far, I’m on my fourth listen of the album and I haven’t grown tired of it yet. I willingly concede that my musical tastes don’t always follow the norm, but that’s what makes the subjectivity of musical appeal so intriguing.

Here’s a three song sample from YouTube.

Here’s the Spotify playlist if YouTube pulls the videos.

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