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Music Mondays: Slow Club

Slow Club: One Day All of This Won’t Matter Any More

Slow Club

Welcome back music fans. This week we’re checking out Slow Club’s latest album, One Day All of This Won’t Matter Any More. Chuck fans may recall Slow Club from the episode Chuck versus The Ring which ended with their song Christmas TV. Maybe you’re already aware of this Sheffield duo’s other work beyond the borders of the Chuck realm. Regardless, let’s discuss this album. The first thing that’s glaringly obvious is the album’s tempo. It follows the band’s name as most songs feature slower beats. Songs dive into bluesy, dip into country, delve into folky, and slow dance with a little pop. This album isn’t comparable to the rest of their catalogue and the critics have plenty of theories.

There are rumors that the relationship between singers Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor has become strained. Perhaps it’s merely the nature of the way the album is structured as there are fewer dual leads and more solo songs. The subject matter makes one wonder. Are these lilting tales intimate offerings from recent personal experiences or are they’re simply easily empathetic yarns? There is very clear yearning and heartbreak woven into the fabric of this album. If it’s not evident in the music, listen to the Come On Poet, Give Me Some Peace, or The Jinx. If you can’t feel the heartbreak in The Jinx, you might need to visit a doctor or scientist because you’re either dead or a robot. Rebecca Taylor leaves it all in the grooves.

The critics only give this album an average (or slightly above average) grade. Perhaps that’s because it’s not as bubbly or smile-inducing as previous efforts. Maybe it’s something else. I don’t care. I’ve listened to this album five or so times now and I find new nuances with each listen. Your thoughts?

… and if YouTube fails you, there’s always Spotify…

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