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The Walking Dead 7-12

I finished The Walking Dead vols. 7-12 a little over a week ago and it was difficult to limit myself to only reading one book a day. Since I only had six graphic novels, I didn’t want to just blaze through them like I know I would. As with my last Recent Reads post, I’m going to try to discuss without giving away too much in the way of spoilers. Hopefully, those who haven’t caught up to the TV show (even though they’re different) won’t be screaming, “HEY! SPOILER ALERT!” at me.

Overall, Kirkman et al., are far more brutal with their comic book characters’ bodies and language than they are with the TV show characters. I would surmise this is due to the logistics of getting everyone into makeup or prosthetics and the censors. With that said, we’ll pick up at the prison after the initial run-in with the Governor and go to just after Alexandria.

Other than a few minor details, Rick is fairly similar between the two mediums. He’s perhaps a bit more vocal about his screw-ups in the comics.

I still maintain that I’m not bothered by Lori’s story arc in either version. As a character, she just didn’t bring much to the table.

Carl’s arc, as it relates to Lori and Judith, feels a little more natural in the TV version.

I’m not sure how I feel about the way they treated Judith in either milieu. I can see an argument for handling her both ways.

Carol… oh, Carol. TV Carol would’ve killed comic book Carol very early on if she’d known how comic book Carol would turn out.

I really wish TV Andrea was more like comic book Andrea. TV Andrea has strength, but not like comic book Andrea.

I find Michonne’s fragility way more evident in the comics and like her more than TV Michonne.

Herschel and Tyrese, while taking different paths in the two environments, still manage to wind up with the same results. I like the TV versions better than the comics because of their humanity. There’s more depth.

Glen and Maggie, for the most part, are basically the same. Perhaps the comic book versions are a little more hardened, but they are both still a terrific couple.

The Abraham/Rosita/Eugene dynamic is equally good in both versions of the characters. I think I prefer the TV versions of Abraham and Eugene and the comic book version of Rosita. They seem harder or more awkward as the case may be.

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3 thoughts on “Recent Reads: The Walking Dead Vols. 7-12

  • Darren Pierrot

    I think I agree with you on most every count, except I find both versions of Michonne vulnerable for different reasons and I like the story arcs for both.
    The one character, other than Carol, who I think is most different, from comic to television show, is the Governor. The comic version is just to much of a “Snidely Whiplash” villain and not very developed. The television version is a much richer and fuller character and completely different from his comic book counterpart.

    • pcalderone

      Hi Darren, welcome back. I see your point about Michonne. It’s been awhile since I’ve watched the show, so my memory might be a little off. It seems to me that her TV character, while vulnerable, isn’t being allowed to show as much depth as the comic version. Your take on the Governor is pretty spot on. Comic version seems just straight up evil with no real redeeming qualities whereas the TV version really humanizes him. He’s still evil, but the lines are a lot more blurry.