Recent Reads: The Walking Dead Vols. 13-24

The Walking Dead Vols. 13-24

The Walking Dead 13-24

Remember all that stuff I said in the last Recent Reads about not wanting to blaze through The Walking Dead? Yeah, forget all that. I received volumes 13-24 a day after I wrote that and had finished them all by the end of the week. So much for restraint, huh? The difficult part now will be discussing the storylines without divulging too much to those FMDY followers who haven’t read the comics or aren’t caught up with the TV series. Since these volumes take us past the TV series, be aware that there will be some minor SPOILER ALERTS ahead. Read on if you dare.

The story so far…

Life in Alexandria is similar between both mediums with only a few character changes. I’m not sure why they chose to switch up the leaders, but it doesn’t really bother me much. They still find a way to push Rick closer to the edge. I’m very curious to see how the TV show portrays Rick’s comeuppance compared to the comics.

Speaking of… Neegan, the character you love to hate as much as you hate to love. Zombie apocalypse notwithstanding, I’m pretty sure Neegan would kiss his mother with that mouth. He’d probably even try to slip her the tongue. How Jeffrey Dean Morgan portrays him may be the delight of the upcoming season. The more I think about my Season 6 wrap-up, the more I believe they’ll stay true to the comics in who gets Lucille’d.

At first I thought The Doobie Brothers had it right – Jesus is just alright with me. Then we learned he’s more than a douchebag in a duster. He is a badass and I hope they keep him around keep him as relative as in the comics.

The rest of the Hilltop I can take or leave. Whether it becomes more than a backdrop is yet to be seen. Will Maggie have something to say about that?

Commercials and the SDCC have teased Season 7 and the introduction of Ezekiel, Shiva, and The Kingdom. That’s a big YAY!

The Whisperers, will they become a thing? Please!


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