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Making the connections
Making the connections

Sharing Is Caring, Celebrating Today

Sharing Is Caring

“Sharing is Caring” is a trademark of The Salvation Army. It’s also a sign of friendship as we give a part of ourselves to friends and loved ones and, hopefully, it’s reciprocated. Today, as I celebrate another year in the annals of history, I’m going share a Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary with the nouns below and give you the gift of knowledge.

Other Famous People Born Today

  • 1757, ALF, alien life form (ALF)
  • 1781, Robert Mills, US, architect (Washington Monument)
  • 1856, “Diamond Jim” Brady, American financier
  • 1880, Christy Mathewson, HOF baseball pitcher
  • 1881, Cecil B. DeMille, American filmmaker (The Ten Commandments), born in Ashfield, Massachusetts
  • 1887, Erwin Schrodinger, physicist and Nobel Prize Laureate, born in Vienna, Austria
  • 1889, Zerna Sharp, American writer and educator (Dick and Jane) – I had no idea we shared a birthday, but it amuses me since I made a Dick & Jane reference at work this week. Yes, I have my finger on the pulse of society.
  • 1910, Jane Wyatt, American actress (Father Knows Best, Star Trek), born in Mahwah, New Jersey
  • 1927, Porter Wagoner, country singer, discovered Dolly Parton (Y’All Come)
  • 1929, Buck Owens, [Alvis Edgar], Sherman Texas, country singer (Hee Haw)
  • 1930, Jacques Tits, Belgian mathematician – I wonder how rough his childhood was.
  • 1949, Mark Knopfler, guitar/vocals (Dire Straits-Sultans of Swing)
  • 1950, Kid Creole, [August Darnell], rocker/actor (Obsession A Taste of Fear)
  • 1954, Sam J. Jones [Samuel Gerald], American actor (Flash Gordon, Code Red), born in Chicago, Illinois, Pat Metheny, jazz guitarist (As Wichita Falls)
  • 1959, Lynette Woodard, Wichita Ks, (Olympic-gold-1984, Harlem Globetrotter)
  • 1962, Miss Cleo, American psychic
  • 1963, Sir Mix A Lot, American rapper
  • 1965, Angeliki Kanellopoulou, Greece, tennis star, Barry Manuel, Mamou LA, pitcher (Montreal Expos), Peter Krause, American actor – We all share the exact same birthday
  • 1966, Greg Manusky, NFL linebacker (KC Chiefs) – Sorry, Greg, you missed the best date by a year.
  • 1971, Pete Sampras, tennis champ (14 grand slam titles), born in Washington, D.C.
  • 1972, Del “The Funkee Homosapian”, rapper (Seriously?), Rebecca Gayheart, actress (Hannah Mayberry-Loving)
  • 1980, Maggie Lawson, American actress – Psych!

… and a lot more were born on this day!

Other Notable Events In World History That Occurred Today

  • 1492, Christopher Columbus arrives in the Canary Islands on his first voyage to the New World
  • 1851, American inventor Isaac Singer patents the sewing machine
  • 1877, Thomas Edison invents Edisonphone, a sound recording device
  • 1908, Henry Ford’s company builds the first Model T car
  • 1953, Soviet Union conducts secret test of its 1st hydrogen bomb
  • 1955, US President Eisenhower raises minimum wage from 75 cents to $1 an hour – Was this considered a “living wage” at the time?
  • 1965, Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club, Inc applies for a NL franchise
  • 1977, High Energy Astronomy Observatory (HEAO) 1 launched into Earth’s orbit by NASA, Space shuttle Enterprise makes 1st atmospheric flight
  • 1981, IBM introduces its first Personal Computer (PC & PC-DOS version 1.0)
  • 1994, Members of the Major League Baseball Players Association strike

… and even more history happened.

Today In Music History

  • 1958, Chart Toppers magazine introduces the “Hot 100” singles chart.
  • 1960, Pete Best becomes the drummer for the Silver Beetles (or Silver Beatles, the internet varies – later The Beatles). Former drummer Tommy Moore had to give up the stool after taking a job as a forklift driver.
  • 1984, Lionel Richie closes the Los Angeles Olympic Games playing to a packed coliseum by singing All Night Long.
  • 1991, Metallica releases their eponymous fifth album AKA the Black Album.
  • 1992, Modern composer and Sonic Youth mentor John Cage dies in New York.
  • 1994, Woodstock ’94 kicks off in Saugerties, N.Y. The eclectic lineup includes the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day, Nine Inch Nails, and Aerosmith.
  • 2003, eBay auctioneer Anthony DeFontes says he will sell Elvis Presley’s tooth separately after the tooth combined with a lock of the King’s hair and a gold record fails to attract a high enough bid.

… and other moments in music history.

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