Festival Season Is Upon Us Again

What’s that you say? Festival season is upon us again? Yes!


festival season is upon us again
Oktoberfest 2016

Oktoberfest begins today. For those confused by the month discrepancy, Oktoberfest always begins on the third weekend of September and runs through the first weekend of October. The Oktoberfest tale began like many great stories with a boy, a girl, and their royal wedding. Back in 1810 Crown Prince Ludwig married Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. Munich townsfolk were invited to celebrate on the fields in front of the city gates and the rest is history. I was supposed to be in Omaha this weekend for Germanfest – a celebration held at the German Society’s location. That fell through, so I’ll be heading up next week for a different Oktoberfest celebration. Tonight I’m heading to…


Steinington Brewing Company

Friends Josh and Kim decided to have a gathering and I’m dubbing it Steiningtonfest. With any luck, this will catch on and a new tradition will emerge. Since they are avid home brewers and beer enthusiasts, they apparently have an abundance of suds that they’d now like to reduce. A few friends are going to help them do just that. This should be an interesting night provided the rain stays away.

Not to be outdone by all these other gatherings, in early October I’ll be heading back to Omaha for…


Kelly Calderone and Count Gunther Von Matterhorn

My sister-in-law is celebrating her (mumble) birthday. I’m dubbing the weekend Kellyfest. With any luck, this will catch on and a new tradition will emerge. I’m a trendsetter, so I’m positive these events will take off under the new monikers.

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