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Making the connections
Making the connections

How Many Choices, How Many Chances?

How Many Choices

Humans are fallible. We make mistakes and we hopefully learn from them before moving forward. Good or bad, we make our choices and take our chances. However well-informed we believe these choices are, we’re forced to live with the consequences. How many choices, bad or merely questionable, can we continue to make before realizing enough is enough?

How do you inform your choices when other factors intervene? Does your thinking change when kids are involved? What about if it’s your family that becomes burdened? When does your job enter into the equation? Can friends alter your decisions? What if it’s circumstance that dictates your choices? How many times can you continue to allow impulse to rule your life before you hit rock bottom? Does it take losing your children? What about alienating your friends and family until they abandon you? Would losing your job change your decision-making process? Losing your car? Your pets? What’s the trigger point that tells you, “You need to get it together or you’re not much longer for this world?” How many bad decisions can one person endure before something has to change?

How Many Chances

Let’s turn the tables. You’re a friend or a loved one witnessing someone make one bad decision after another. How many chances do you give that person? At what point do you intervene? At what point do you finally wash your hands of this person and walk away? Is one success enough to convince you that everything is back to normal? What about a few consecutive small successes?  Do you set consistent, achievable goals for your friend or loved one each month to ensure they continue on the right path? Or, are you much more laissez-faire about it all? What happens when neither you nor your friend/loved one are feeling particularly friendly? Where does the family or friend’s responsibility end? Is it ever acceptable to tell someone who’s monumentally screwing up or someone close to that situation that they’re okay to walk away? How much are you expected to endure?

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