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Music Mondays: Beach Slang

Beach Slang: A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings

This week we’re listening Beach Slang’s latest studio effort, A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings.

Beach Slang A Loud Bash of Teenage Feeling

This is the sophomore full-length album from the Philadelphia punk rockers. It’s gritty, it’s growly, and it’s often fast, but is it punk? To be honest, I don’t know anymore. In some regards, it reminds me of some of the 90s grunge rock. It also reminds me of a harder edged Replacements. Still, Beach Slang is a different beast.

I suppose the fact that the entire 10-song album clocks in at 30 minutes lends it a little more punk credibility. I realize that punk rock often has a stigma about it and sometimes it’s well deserved. Something I want to make clear with this album, though, is it’s got hooks. It’s not going to be played on pop radio, thank [whatever you pray or don’t pray to here], but it’s worthy of repeated listening sessions. Maybe you want to get out on the open road and push your gas pedal down more than you should. This album is a great companion for that. Perhaps a coworker is being an annoying nuisance. Pop those headphones on and turn this up.

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