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Music Mondays: Kishi Bashi


This week’s offering is (fanfare) Kishi Bashi’s Sonderulst.

Kishi Bashi Sonderlust

Kishi Bashi, nee Kaoru Ishibashi, returns with his third solo studio album. What can you expect from this album? Like last week’s selection, you’re going to get multiple music styles. It’s dubbed an indie rock album, but you’ll also get some disco, psychedelia, trance, and rock. From what I’ve read, he typically performs as a solo act playing violin live while using vocal looping and beat boxing. With this album, he’s performing with a rhythm section duo. So at times you’ll hear the straight-forward guitar, bass, and drums rock song. That’s not good enough, though, so he’ll throw in some keyboards, strings, and what sounds like a harpsichord. There are also doses of plucked violin, mandolin, video game samples, and what sounds like a Moog or old Fairlight synthesizer.

While at least one loyal reader is a big Kishi Bashi fan, I couldn’t make that claim. I’m not sure why, but I once heard one of his songs and was so turned off that I refused to listen to any of his others. Here’s what’s silly. I don’t recall which song it was or why it bothered me so much. In learning more about Kishi Bashi, I believe he may have studied at Berklee College of Music around the same time as my brother. I recently learned something about him that I find admirable. Back in 2015, he created a competition where he scored music that any school’s music program could use. They simply had to play two songs  to show range. The winner received a concert performed by him for the school’s Spring Fling. I have tremendous respect for any artist willing to give back to a community.

Here’s your Spotify link for when/if YouTube pulls the content.

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