Steiningtonfest Beer List

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Steiningtonfest Beer List

Some of you may know the history behind the Brain Trust. For those who don’t, it all began when four of us ComedySportz/Comedy City veterans wanted to keep in touch as we parted ways from the improv club. Since Trustee Joel owned a bar (Kyle’s Tap Room), we met there once a month to grab a beer and enjoy a bite. As time went on, it became a very spicy bite because Trustee Josh and I love the heat. The menu featured hot wings and spicy chili, but we wanted something more. What’s the big deal? Lots of bars and restaurants offer hot wings and spicy chili. The difference is Joel’s wing menu flavors included mild, hot, nuclear, and Pete style (no whining and no refunds, per the menu). I was immortalized on a restaurant menu. Outstanding! Kyle’s Tap Room has long since gone away, but the Brain Trust still tries to meet. Enter the recent Steiningtonfest.

Josh and wife, Kim, provided over a dozen different beer styles and wisely coded them on a two page beer list. Steiningtonfest attendees could easily identify the desired bottle, open, and enjoy as much or as little as they wished… except for one bottle. Imagine my surprise to see the bottom of the second list. They made a beer with me in mind and included an appropriate warning. I opened that bottle and a couple of us shared it. Unfortunately, Trustee Craig arrived too late to get a taste (and Trustee Michael wouldn’t go anywhere near that heat). Since it had been cellared a little while, a good amount of the heat had dissipated. Still, it had enough heat to provide a warming sensation on the back of the tongue and down the throat. Unlike some other chili beers, though, it didn’t wreck the palate.

There’s a small piece of the legacy I’ll leave behind. I’m sure others have an equally interesting tale, so head to the comments section and share!

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