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Making the connections

Chicago Cubs In 5

World Series Prediction: Chicago Cubs in 5

Prior to last night’s game, I stated the Chicago Cubs would win the 2016 World Series in five games.

Chicago Cubs

Going against Kluber last night was going to be tough, even with Lester on the bump. Everyone knew that. Arrieta had a much better matchup tonight versus Bauer. Net result, a tied series heading back to Chicago, who hosts their first World Series game since 1945. Hendricks versus Tomlin shouldn’t be too tough as long as the Cubs realize Tomlin is a soft tosser. For the non-sportsballers, it simply means he isn’t a power pitcher, he relies on location. He also doesn’t challenge hitters, he works best when the hitters get themselves out. As long as the Cubs are patient, they should take Game 3.

By now, anyone interested in the World Series knows that Corey Kluber will pitch on short rest. This means his performance is likely to suffer especially if he goes into the later innings. Don’t believe me? Would you believe science? SCIENCE! There’s no guarantee it will happen, but I believe the combination of short rest and the Cubs’ film & stat study will help them to win Game 4.

Heading into Game 5, I think the energy of Chicago should take the victory through sheer force of will. If that’s not enough, Lester or Arrieta should add more fuel to that fire. That’s my take. Agree? Disagree? Tell me why I’m right or wrong.


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