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Making the connections
Making the connections

Four Favorite Words: Six Degrees Of Something

I’m a month overdue for my quarterly post. Without further ado…

four favorite words six

The Words and the Why

  • Ebullient
  • Fecundity
  • Harrumph
  • Dulcet

Now for the fun part – why I selected these words.

Ebullient: This is a stark contrast to the current political climate. It also reminds me of several friends and my sister-in-law. These are people you enjoy being around. I want to be more like this.

Fecundity: I recently re-read a passage from Stephen King’s On Writing where he described Charles Dickens when he wasn’t writing. As the word rolled around my head, I thought of my nieces. It amused me to find a correlation between them and a prolific author.

Harrumph: This is a staple of our Brain Trust meetings. It’s just fun to say. Go on, try it.

Dulcet: Given my musical proclivity, this shouldn’t surprise anyone. I enjoy many varieties and something needs to balance the cacophonous.

Feel free to check out previous selections. Before I forget, I built the image above by pointing a Wordcloud generator to my site. What are your current four favorite words?

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