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Music Mondays: Marillion

Marillion: FEAR

Marillion FEAR

Sorry about the tardiness tonight. This week we’re listening to Fuck Everyone And Run (or just FEAR), Marillion’s 18th studio album. Perhaps at this point, many of you are calling for a timeout. You’re saying you’ve never heard of Marillion and this is their 18th studio album? Welcome to one of the music industry’s worst best kept secret. Worst best kept secret? Yes. Hundreds of thousands of fans (perhaps millions, I haven’t taken a poll) have followed the band for more than three decades. If they’ve been around that long, how have they flown below so many people’s radar? Most of their music has never seen mainstream radio support. Why?

Albums like FEAR are one reason. The album features five songs broken into 17 tracks. Mainstream radio would need to either pick a song that isn’t broken into multiple movements or try to find a movement that stands on its own. This doesn’t mean the latter can’t happen, but often the track may lose something without its complementary parts. Songs on this album sweep, lilt, wander, crescendo, ebb, rant, rail, and soothe. You know, typical radio fodder.

Other albums, like Misplaced Childhood, have an entire B-side that contains five tracks that continuously flow as if it was one song. Other albums are more thematic or conceptual, like Brave, and that doesn’t lead to radio play. Whatever the case, the band isn’t beholden to anyone – record companies or program directors. This is in large part due to the band’s keyboardist, Mark Kelly. Does that name ring a bell? It might if you’re familiar with crowdfunding. The band took control of their artistic direction, creative control, production budget, touring, and more because of their crowdfunding efforts. Take a listen and tell me what you think.

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