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Music Mondays, Thursday Edition: Opeth

Opeth: Sorceress

Opeth Sorceress

Four music posts in a row? Sure! Why not? Today’s Music Monday, Thursday edition features Swedish heavy metal artists, OpethSorceress is the band’s 12th studio album. Never heard of them before? Me neither. I happened upon them during my Friday ritual last week and liked what I heard. This metal band doesn’t care whether they stick to the metal genre. The opening track, Persephone, is a soothing acoustic number that dances between a classical and Spanish guitar sensibility. After that, songs jump into prog rock, metal (mostly clean vocals), orchestral,  world beats, back to classical guitar, piano-driven spoken word, and more.

I certainly wouldn’t classify this as a heavy metal album even though there are a couple harder songs. A little investigation tells us Opeth are known for incorporating multiple styles like: jazz, classical, prog rock, blues, and folk. This album certainly appears to follow in those footsteps. Here’s the title track, Sorceress.

Sorry I can’t find the entire album in video form, but here’s your Spotify link…

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