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Making the connections

Music Mondays, Wednesday Edition: Jenny Hval

Jenny Hval: Blood Bitch

Jenny Hval Blood Bitch

A Music Monday post on a Wednesday? You got that right! Today we’re listening to Jenny Hval. This Norwegian singer just released her third album entitled Blood Bitch. If you’re interested, she’s released two others under the name Rockettothesky. I’ve never heard any of her earlier work, either under her real name or her pseudonym, but I’m intrigued.

How can I describe this album? If you take the song The Great Undressing as gospel, “It’s about vampires, well, it’s about vampires, but so much more.” The album’s tone is both earthy and ethereal. It’s keyboard-laden and features ample loops and ambient noises. Songs weave her alto vocals (occasionally with spoken word) and layer it over electronic beats. These songs aren’t going to reach any radio station you’re likely to encounter driving in your car. That’s okay, though, because that’s not really the ideal setting. These songs are great for stormy nights or mood music for a spooky Halloween party.

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