Holiday Writing Experiment

Holiday Writing Experiment

I have two dilemmas. The first is that I haven’t done any real creative writing for longer than I care to admit. Some may recall the flash fiction that I once posted on the old iteration of this blog. I miss that more than I ever realized before. Over the past year I’ve made excuses for why I haven’t written – I have too much work, I have family obligations, I have so many errands to run. While there’s been a kernel of truth there, ultimately, these have all been bullshit excuses. The truth is I’ve just allowed myself to become complacent because “the muse” hasn’t struck me. Yeah, well, even that is just another BS excuse. Writing is a daily exercise just like sit-ups or cardio or Crossfit or whatever exercise craze is currently sweeping the nation.

The second dilemma is that, for the longest time, I can’t get into the holiday spirit. No matter when I hear it, Christmas music has been a supreme irritant. It’s always been an irritant before Thanksgiving, but over the last few years, it’s even grated my nerves as late as the week of Christmas. I miss having that spirit of the season. Not the religious spirit mind you, I miss feeling that spirit of giving or helping others. No matter how many times I donate to the Salvation Army or other charities, it doesn’t fill the void. So this year I’m trying something additional.

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to write some holiday-inspired flash fiction. By holiday-inspired, I mean I’m going to use a holiday song’s title and see where that takes me. It’s not necessarily going to be about the song or even about what the lyrics represent. It may be sentimental or it may ooze horror. It may contain romance or it may have a messed up psychological twist. It’s all fair game! While I have some song titles in mind already, I’m open to suggestion. Does anyone have a holiday song they’d like to see taken a different direction?

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