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Music Mondays: Matt Pond PA

Matt Pond PA: Winter Lives

Matt Pond PA Winter Lives

Matt Pond PA’s Winter Lives was going to be last week’s Music Monday selection before A Tribe Called Quest moved into the lead. Lucky for all of you the album stuck in my head over the past week. So what can you expect with Winter Lives? Matt Pond PA‘s eleventh studio album gives you some originals, some covers, and some instrumentals. I have to admit, though, I don’t know which songs are covers. If that blows any cred I have as a music enthusiast, so be it.

Musically, the album is packed with guitars, bass, drums, stringed instruments, banjo, and what sounds like chimes (or a keyboard in chime mode). Thematically, it plays with the anticipation of the holiday season and can tend toward sweet or wistful depending on your relationship status. For sweetness or childlike fun, there are songs like In Winter and The Glow. For those who may not enjoy the same level of reverie for the holidays or perhaps are going through relationship issues, there are Sunset at the Gas Pump and Dirty Looks. The album conjures plenty of cold nights versus warm hearths imagery. Curl up with the one(s) you love, pour your favorite beverages, and enjoy Winter Lives… unless you live in a tropical climate, then forget all that.

Sorry, but The Glow is the only video released for the album so far.

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