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Making the connections
Making the connections

2000 Miles

2000 Miles

Jessica’s glasses fogged as she sipped a steaming cup of cocoa and gazed out her front window. Snow, steady and soundless, fell through the tar black night. The house was so still since her husband left.

Kristopher, my love, where are you?

She sighed as her thoughts conjured memories. In recent months, Kristopher began bringing his work home. He became obsessed. He spent more time working (and occasionally sleeping) in his shop behind the house than inside his own home. His coworkers were always around. While feeding the livestock, she could, on occasion, catch a glimpse of him through the workshop window. Sometimes she would hear a calamitous kerfuffle, but laughter often followed and she knew they were fine. Realizing she couldn’t recall the last time he’d eaten, she thought Enough is enough and barged into the shop with several platters stuffed with sandwiches. She was taken aback by the sheer volume of packages stacked around the room.

“I don’t care what you’re working on, you’ve got to eat. All of you.” said Jessica.

“Jess, dear, you know we’re on a tight deadline. These things aren’t going to make themselves.” said Kristopher. He gave her an easy smile and she melted.

Her thoughts returned. On this night of all nights he’s gone – 2000 miles away or maybe more. A tear streaked her cheek. She whispered into the night.

“I miss the way you wrap your arms around me. Let me sink into your embrace. I miss the heat of your soft breath on my ear. Tell me It’s only temporary. I miss you.”

Her gaze dropped to something she hadn’t noticed before – an envelope laying on the table by the window. She opened it and pulled out the stationery.

Dear Jessica,

By now I may be half-way around the world, but I wanted you to know I’m thinking of you. When I’m working in the shop, I think of you. When I’m with my coworkers, I think of you. I’m always thinking of you. I know being apart on our anniversary is difficult. I will be home sooner than you think. Until then, I want you to hold an image in your head. Remember the evening I came to you as the sun hung low on the horizon. You looked breathtaking under those amethyst skies. I can still recall your expression when I knelt and gathered handfuls of snow. You looked so confused as I ground it between my hands until nothing was left. Nothing but your diamond ring, that is. When you said yes and kissed my entire face, I felt your heart in rhythm with mine. They were singing. Remember the singing.

She crushed the letter to her chest as she closed her eyes. She remembered. Our hearts were singing. It must be Christmas time. As she stood swaying she began hearing voices. She opened her eyes and said, “I can hear people singing! It must be Christmas time.”

Inspired by The Pretenders – 2000 Miles

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