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Making the connections

Best-Worst Of 2016

In four days, to many people’s delight, this year will end. So let’s do a Best-Worst of 2016.

Best-Worst of 2016

The Best of 2016

(In no particular order)

At work: I assumed more of a leadership role within our group. While I’m not the team lead, I’ve become the person my manager and team lead turn to when they need help. More importantly, they appreciate it and show me. It’s been decades since that has happened.

I received a bonus… for the first time ever.

While being assigned a new project, my manager gave me the best backhanded compliment. “I want you to lead this because, well, you don’t think like the rest of us.” Thank you improv.

Personal life: Tantrum reformed to perform for Gilda’s Club. This used to be an annual event that I participated in while still with Quad Cities ComedySportz. For some reason that fell by the wayside, but we reestablished it with Tantrum. This was the first time in three years I could actually join the rest of the cast. So much fun.

This year I finally started knocking things off my home to-do list. With the house painted late last year, the next big step was replacing the heating and AC. With both units, the Amazon Echo, Ecobee thermostat, several remotes, multiple Philips Hue colored/dimmable lights, and a new water heater, I began my IoT home project.

Thanks to the holiday flash fiction experiment, my desire to write is rekindled. Several friends and coworkers have expressed their enjoyment and it’s reinforced my belief that I do, in fact, have interesting stories to tell. This is something I’ve lacked and am overjoyed to rediscover.

In general: To quote Chico Escuela, “Beisbol been berry, berry good to me.” For two years I’ve watched the Royals and Cubs with childlike exuberance. Their ascension to World Series Champions has been a delight that I hope I get to experience again very soon. Royals vs. Cubs 2017! This is one of the best of my Best-Worst of 2016.

The Worst of 2016

At work: The railroad industry suffers as much from economic downturns as most other industries. Perhaps more given the ties to the coal, oil, farming, and chemical industries. Over the past couple months, our company has laid off many people. Not only has this been bad for morale, the added responsibilities placed on some of us has been draining at best.

Personal life: Some disconcerting health issues have cropped up, but I’m hoping they will turn into a positive in 2017. The worst of the Best-Worst of 2017 has been a family member’s life choices that have led to unnecessary stress – both financially and emotionally. I will spare this person the embarrassment and won’t elaborate further. With luck, this will be resolved by 2017.

In general: Celebrity death’s have been both frightening and stunning this year. From David Bowie to Prince to Leonard Cohen to Carrie Fisher, 2016 has been brutal. The Trump presidency may turn out to be the worst of the Best-Worst of 2016. Only time will tell.

These are my Best-Worst of 2016, so what are yours?

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