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Making the connections

Music Mondays: The Narrative

The Narrative: Golden Silence

Since this week is light on new music releases, I’m stepping back a couple weeks to bring you The Narrative.

The Narrative Golden Silence

While Golden Silence is technically their fourth release, it’s only The Narrative’s second full-length album. I’ve listened to this a couple times and I’m still trying to wrap my brain around their sound. The band consists of the two pictured above – Jesse Gabriel and Suzie Zeldin. The vocals remind me of The New Pornographers. The music is harder to place as they range from roots rock stylings to indie or dream pop to 80s retro. The leading track reminds me of The War on Drugs’ Red Eyes. However, rather than eliciting a Rod Stewart Young Turks nostalgia theirs is more Kim Carnes. The drums and claps are very Bette Davis Eyes.

The rest of the album seems to weave other influences together as I hear Bon Iver, Coldplay, and some Death Cab for Cutie. Toe the Line reminds me of DC’s Summer Skin while other tracks share Bon Iver’s chill guitar or Coldplay’s keyboards. I’m not sure if it’s just Toe the Line‘s opening snare, but that’s what I hear. Oklahoma Air ramps up the home-fires nostalgia with lyrics like:

Out there
in the Oklahoma air
I found a road
to take me home

I’m not going to break down further songs. You have ears and you have your own opinions. So put them to good use and let me know what you think. What I will tell you is you won’t find raging rockers on this album. Neither will you find torch songs. What you will find is a collection of well-crafted songs that will tug at some inner sensibility and may linger well past the first listen.

For those who dig the Spotty:

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