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Making the connections

Music Mondays: Uranium Club

Uranium Club: All Of Them Naturals

For 2016’s final Music Monday, we’re listening to Uranium Club’s All of Them Naturals.

Uranium Club

The internet doesn’t know much about this band other than they’re also called The Minneapolis Uranium Club. The band formed in 2014 and All of Them Naturals is their second full-length album. At least I think it’s their second. There’s a reference to their debut, Human Exploration, that was released on cassette and then went to vinyl. Obviously, there’s mention of this album, but several resources mention they’ve been released on four different record labels –  Shout, Lumpy Records, Fashionable Idiots, and Static Shock Records.

Perhaps different labels released the debut when it transferred mediums. Maybe a different label released the Who Made the Man? 7″ single. Or it’s possible they’re attributing the Beat Session Vol. 1 cassette to another label. I know two different labels produced this album – one in the UK and one in the US. Whatever the case, their catalog is still small. There are a few offerings from Static Shock Records on Soundcloud and a Bandcamp page also. It appears all of these recordings were released in 2016. Curious.

The entire eight-song album clocks in just under 22:30 and it’s a jangly, frenetic force once you get past the spoken word opening track. This album isn’t your usual spit & bile punk fare. Each track says what it needs to say and then moves on to the next message. There are comparisons to Devo, Wire, Parquet Courts, Total Control, Shitty Limits, The Randoms, Total Control, and Eddy Current. I’ve heard less than half of those bands. I would also compare them to Fight Like Apes, but with more guitar. I could also see the argument for The Dead Milkmen on an extreme sugar buzz. So far, my favorite track is God’s Chest.

With band information being scarce, this feels like I’m discovering a closely guarded musical secret. Now I get to share that secret with you. Win-win.

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