A Crisis Of Conscience

A Crisis Of Conscience

How many of you share my crisis of conscience? Growing up, I was taught to respect the office of the President of the United States. How can I do that when I don’t respect Donald Trump as a human being? Why don’t I respect him? His behavior is petulant. He shifts his narrative regarding any issue (WikiLeaks, Russia, pick a topic, any topic) like a manual sports car without a clutch. His whining of mistreatment is incessant. Even Presidential Counselor Kellyanne Conway can be found hitting the talk show circuit bemoaning the public’s disrespect for the PEOTUS. I don’t understand how she can champion that fight when the man she counsels posts things like this (courtesy of @Craigipedia):


A Crisis of Conscience

Kellyanne entreats us to respect the Presidential office and the President-Elect? If he doesn’t respect the office, why should we?

Looking over these tweets, I have to laugh. Earlier tonight I was recalling how much I didn’t care for GWB as President, but at least I respected his position. I can’t say that about the PEOTUS. Earlier tonight I also thought I’d have to go to Trump’s Twitter page to pull individual tweets for reference. Thanks to @CoreyRittmaster and @tbinkc liking @Craigipedia’s tweets, I found the images above and below.

Presidential Disrespect

Long ago I was also taught that respect is earned, not given. The Presidential office should inherently come with at least a modicum of respect. Is it possible to respect the position, but not the person?

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