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Making the connections
Making the connections

Four Favorite Words: Lucky Seven Sampson

Four Favorite Words: Lucky Seven Sampson


Four Favorite Words Lucky Seven Sampson

Friends and coworkers have inquired for weeks when the next round would take place. Let’s get right into Four Favorite Words Lucky Seven Sampson edition.

  • Bloviate
  • Hubris
  • Megalomaniac
  • Mountebank

In case the theme isn’t obvious, these words have been careening around the ol’ cerebellum courtesy of the PEOTUS. As I mentioned in a text to one of FMDY’s loyal readers, “I’m tired of giving him more of my brain power than I already have.” I’m hoping to exorcise this demon. I need to cast him out. Regardless, let’s get into the whys and wherefores.

Bloviate: This means to talk at length, especially in an inflated or empty way. Anyone who has listened to the man talk or read his thoughtless tweets knows exactly what I mean.

Hubris: This is excessive pride or self-confidence. His incessant I am the best… or I have the best… I often wonder if his pathological dialog is repeated so he can convince himself. Does he stand before a mirror every morning repeating these phrases?

Megalomaniac: This is a person who is obsessed with their own power. I read somewhere that every world leader has at least a little megalomaniac in them. When I find that book or quote, I’ll present the proper citation.

Mountebank: This a person who deceives others, especially in order to trick them out of their money; a charlatan. Two words: Trump University.

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