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Aquilo: Silhouettes

British Indie duo Aquilo dropped their Silhouettes album last Friday.

Aquilo Silhouettes

Before I forget, I should mention Silhouettes is their debut album. True, some of this album’s tracks originated from a handful of previously released EP’s. That doesn’t diminish the work as a whole. It’s an incredibly well-crafted piece that grows on you with repeated listens. If you’re seeking uptempo beats or guitar-driven howlers, this isn’t your album. There are beautiful piano and string soundscapes. And plenty of them. The piano/keyboard is certainly the focal instrument on the album. The vocal arrangements fare better when the falsetto is the punctuation rather than the sentence. In those instances, the songs entreat the listener’s emotional response.

Most of the album is slow to medium tempo. What I found interesting was just when I feared the album might veer into melancholy, they picked up the tempo. The more I think about Silhouettes, the more it reminds me of a car ride. As I mentioned before, it’s not the car windows down, radio cranked, barrelling down the highway type of ride. It’s the introspective Sunday tour through the neighborhoods where you lived in your childhood. That’s my analogy. What have you got?

Since The Tubes don’t have the album available, please enjoy The Silhouettes Trilogy. Pt. I

Pt. II


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