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Music Mondays: The Brazen Youth

The Brazen Youth: The Ever Dying Bristlecone Man

If you recall being 18 and thinking, “Oh, I can’t do that”, chances are you’re not a member of The Brazen Youth.

Brazen Youth: The Ever Dying Bristlecone Man

Nicholas Lussier and Charles Dahlke, the Connecticut-based duo that comprises The Brazen Youth, released their second album this past November. As 16 year olds, they released their first album in 2014. This album is classified as alternative/indie rock/indie folk. Listening to this album, I hear similarities to Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver, and The Head and The Heart. The similarities really stand out with the instrumentation.

Aside from acoustic guitars, they use electric guitars, bass, drums, piano, synths, banjo, brass, and even a saw. Yes, you read that right. Song structures and lengths are varied. Some are straight-forward while others are like a snowball rolling downhill. Consider I Call to You in Dreams, which clocks in at 10:37. The opening ambient noise quickly adds new instruments and vocals and starts building momentum. The growing musical avalanche packs on more instruments and begins heading off in new directions. As one snow path closes, another one opens and builds. That song was compiled from 178 tracks using over 200 instruments.

Contrasting I Call to You in Dreams is the opening track. It lasts 1:29 and it takes nearly all that time to say the title – Human Beings Are the Only Creatures Capable of Dehydrating with a Glass of Water in Front of Them. For each track with typical pop song length, there are ones running between four to eight minutes. These young men aren’t afraid to stretch their musical legs. They also aren’t afraid to venture into themes beyond their years. They write about the political landscape, human stupidity, and a friend’s death after battling cancer.

Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t have this entire album, so we’ll make do with the few available tracks.

So how did I hear about this band? In an unlikely place called Twitter courtesy of @dog_rates.

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy the acoustic version more than the album version. Here it is.

For you Spotify-ers:

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