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Making the connections

Music Mondays: Throwing Snow

Throwing Snow: Embers

Throwing Snow released his second full-length album, Embers, this past Friday

Throwing Snow Embers

If you’re unfamiliar with Throwing Snow, you may know him as Ross Tones. He’s a UK-based producer,  consultant, and runs the label A Future Without. While this is only his second full album, he does have dozens of additional singles, EPs, and mixes. Let’s get into the music.

This album delivers electronica, ambient, and has a bit of dubstep thrown in. The first track, Cantor’s Dust Pt. 1 begins with ambient noise that sounds like a campfire lit close to a snow-laden tree. As the crackle builds, there’s enough heat to melt some of the snow and you can hear it dripping. Then the electronica works into the mix. Cantor’s Dust Pt. 2 picks up immediately and introduces the bit of dubstep. I’m not a big dubstep fan, but this wasn’t offensive.

What didn’t strike me until later in the album is how it reminds me of another album I reviewed last year – Stranger Things. To be clear, I mean the original music scored by SURVIVE. I could certainly see and hear this album fitting into Stranger Things’ second season. The synths are dark and layered even when you get to a more dance-infused track like Prism Pt. 1. Perhaps Prism Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 aren’t something you’d find in that Netflix original, but they fit this album’s tone (no pun intended). There’s something else I didn’t realize until listening again. Less than half the songs use percussive beats. The remaining songs transition more fluidly.

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