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Music Mondays: Jesca Hoop, Miguel Zenón, Amber Run

Various Artists: Jesca Hoop, Miguel Zenón, Amber Run

Like last week, I found three albums I’d like to share: Jesca Hoop, Miguel Zenon, and Amber Run.

Jesca Hoop: Memories Are Now

Jesca Hoop Memories Are Now

Memories Are Now is Jesca Hoop‘s sixth studio album and I can’t believe I’ve never heard her before. Her song structures and vocal style feel so familiar. She has Kate Bush’s sensibilities for phrasing and instrumentation. Her vocals remind me a little of Kate Bush, Tori Amos, and Edie Brickell. The opening and title track plays, almost maddeningly, with timing. If there’s a discernible time signature, I was unable to pick it out. Still, it niggles at my brain and I find myself returning to it to find that timing. This album will grow on you.

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Miguel Zenón – Tipico

Miguel Zenon Tipico

Puerto Rican alto saxophonist, Miguel Zenón, just released his album, Tipico. Prepare yourself. This album might be what the late John Coltrane had produced if he was still alive today. The music comes to life and grows before your very eyes. Sometimes it takes on the life of a frenetic mad scientist – mixing a little of this, adding a little of that. Other times it’s as relaxed as a beat poet. To wit, Cantor.

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Amber Run: For A Moment, I Was Lost

Amber Run For A Moment I Was Lost

Nottingham quartet, Amber Run, released just their second full-length album entitled For A Moment, I Was Lost. This album jumped out at me because it came a across like the love child of Keane and The War On Drugs. It’s straight-forward Brit-pop/Brit-rock, but not quite with the higher vocal range that Keane produces. Like the previous two, this was also a welcome surprise.

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