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Making the connections

Music Mondays: Thundercat, All Them Witches, Tiny Hazard

Thundercat, All Them Witches, Tiny Hazard

This week’s contenders: Thundercat, All Them Witches, and Tiny Hazard are vying for top billing.

Thundercat: Drunk

Thundercat Drunk

Thundercat, AKA bassist Stephen Bruner,  dropped Drunk last Friday. Having never heard of this artist or his music before, this was a pleasant surprise. The album is quirky and funky. It’s soulful and has a sense of humor. Drunk features guest stars Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald on the track, Show You The Way. It’s a nice nod to both artists’ heyday. Kendrick Lamar also chimes in on Walk On By.

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All Them Witches: Sleeping Through The War

All Them Witches Sleeping Through The War

Grit and guitar build the psychedelic soundscape for All Them Witches‘ latest release, Sleeping Through The War. I’m struggling for the words to describe this album. It has a 60s/70s sensibility with modern production values. Guitars are grungy without being muddy. The rhythm section provides the musical caulk as it digs deep grooves and fills it all in to build a sonic cohesion. Listening to the album again, I’m picking up on a strong Pink Floyd The Wall vibe.

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Tiny Hazard: Greyland

Tiny Hazard Greyland

Let’s wind out this post with a different type of quirk. Tiny Hazard‘s latest album, Greyland, blends unusual vocals and instrumentation to turn your musical ear, well, on its ear. I don’t have a better way to describe this album other than I like it. If you can form a better description, please share. Here’s the final (title) track from the album. It appears YouTube has all ten tracks available if you’re interested in hearing more.

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