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Making the connections

Music Mondays: Various Artists

Various Artists: Various Albums

I’m switching things up this week and providing various artists and albums.  Given the events from this past weekend (my family lost a beloved pet), I haven’t felt inspired to write. I haven’t felt focused. I’m forcing myself to write tonight so I maintain the Monday tradition and, hopefully, lose myself in the music. With that in mind, here are some of the highlights from this past week’s releases.

Sampha: Process

Various Artists - Sampha, Process

Singer, songwriter, and record producer Sampha released his debut, full-length, solo album, Process. Labelled a Dance/Electronic album, this album didn’t resonate with me that way. Yes, there are dance tracks, but I found he really shines on the more stirring, soulful tracks. (No One Knows Me) Like the Piano comes racing to mind.

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Communions: Blue

Various Artists - Communions, Blue

Relatively fresh out of Copenhagen, Denmark are Communions. Their debut album, Blue, falls into the post-punk/indie category. The influences I picked up reminded me of some 80s bands like REM and The Smiths or early 90s Material Issue. There’s another band’s influence I’m hearing, but I can’t quite place it. This album definitely gave a nostalgia vibe.

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Dave Hause: Bury Me in Philly

Various Artists - Dave Hause, Bury Me in Philly

Finally, from Philly’s punk and hardcore scene comes Dave HauseBury Me In Philly is his third full-length album. This album is billed as Rock/Heartland Rock/Americana. I suppose that’s possible if you can imagine John Mellencamp with a punk sneer sensibility. He’s got a harder musical edge and a sailor’s mouth.

All three albums immediately struck me as worthy of repeated listens. Now I just need to push past all the recent crap to make that happen. Your thoughts?

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