Random Acts Of Kindness

Random Acts Of Kindness

Welcome to Random Acts Of Kindness Day (in the USA). Loyal readers may recall I was late to last year’s event. Not today. Oh no, my friends, not today. Since Fridays are my normal work from home days I had Twitter up on my personal computer (as well as all my Music Monday research sites) and #RandomActsOfKindnessDay was trending. Thanks for the reminder, Twitter, but now I had a dilemma. Feeling drained and fearing an oncoming illness, I had no plans to leave the house. The thought crossed my mind to create some fake online persona and simply post kind words to various people. Easy execution, but it felt like that impact would either be doubted or ignored. I chucked my illness fears aside and headed out.

I dropped by Bubbles, a local liquor store, even though I knew they wouldn’t have much saved for me. Yes, I’ve built up a relationship with the owners over the years and they save me hard-to-find beer. They’re great people and are always willing to help guide someone to a delicious beverage that’s right for them. Bubbles Wine & Spirits – thus endeth the plug. They only had Boulevard’s new Rye On Rye On Rye as well as Founders Brewing’s  Frootwood and yet I still managed to spend more than I expected. It was there that I handed over some extra cash to hopefully bring a smile to another patron. I didn’t pick someone, I just left it to one of the owners’ discretion.

Like last year, it was amusing to see the confusion as I explained what I wanted to do. Both owner and employee stood there somewhat dumbfounded as I explained what Random Acts Of Kindness Day was. I find it both amusing and sad that the “pay it forward” concept is so foreign to our society. I wonder if anyone has performed a random act of kindness for an entire year. This warrants further investigation. Did anyone else participate?

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