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Making the connections

Music Mondays: Colin Hay, Minus the Bear

Colin Hay, Minus the Bear

I’m dodging power fluctuations and still fending off an upper respiratory infection to bring you Colin Hay and Minus the Bear. Sorry, it’s going to be another short & sweet post.

Colin Hay: Fierce Mercy

Colin Hay Fierce Mercy

After Men At Work disbanded, I never paid much attention to what happened to any of its band members. Years later, Scrubs pulled me in and didn’t let me go thanks in part to its soundtrack. A key Scrubs fan and contributor was Colin Hay. I’ve been a fan ever since. It’s no secret I use music as a guidepost to life. Certain albums or artists trigger different emotions or moods. Colin Hay’s music is no exception. His latest, Fierce Music, is too new to associate with key moments, but it’s the kind of album I can already tell will in the future. There’s nothing fancy about this album. It’s simple story telling through simple music.

For you Spotifyers:

Minus the Bear: VOIDS

Minus the Bear Voids

Minus the Bear, if you’ll pardon the pun, is a different animal than Colin Hay. By comparison, the songs on VOIDS aren’t as simple. I don’t mean they’re using some Dream Theater-like time signatures, they just aren’t laid back 4/4. Where Colin Hay is wistful, Minus the Bear is a bit more energetic. Listen and compare for yourselves. Thoughts?

For you Spotifyers:

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