Omaha Bockfest 2017

Omaha Bockfest 2017

Omaha Bockfest 2017 motto (borrowed from the USPS):

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these beer enthusiasts from the swift completion of their appointed beer rounds.

Omaha Bockfest 2017

If you haven’t been following along on Twitter, I’ve been travelling for work a lot lately. Junction City, KS; Wood River, IL; Zwolle, LA; and Omaha, NE are just a few of the glamorous locales I’ve visited. With upcoming trips to Portland, OR; Hockley & Scottsville, TX; and Neodesha, KS, I needed to include at least a small break for relaxation. Since I’m already in Omaha for work, enter Omaha Bockfest 2017.

This will be my first appearance at Bockfest, but my brother and sister-in-law (Nick & Kelly) both assure me it’s a grand adventure. They say this event is similar to other beer fests except it exclusively features bock beers (a strong dark beer brewed in the fall and drunk in the spring). While I’ve had bock beers in the past, I’ve never had one like they’re served here. Festival attendees have the option to have a red hot poker stir the beer which alters the flavor profile.

The only downside to this year’s event so far is the weather isn’t cooperating yet. With luck, the rain moves out soon and we will only have to contend with cool temperatures. That will be easy because, hey, there will be at least one fire pit. This may turn out like a driveway night at The Weaver’s.

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