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Making the connections

Omaha Bockfest 2018

Image courtesy of http://omaha.carpediem.cd/events/6065534-bockfest-2018-at-beer-corner-usa/

Welcome to Omaha. It’s cold. It’s wet. Old Man Winter is drunk and refuses to go home. Perhaps that’s because he is sticking around for Bockfest 2018 taking place at Beer Corner USA.

I’ve visited my brother and sister-in-law at this time for the past few years and it’s been the same dismal setting each time. Sounds enticing, no? No? Well its saving grace is that it has been a great time each year. Think Oktoberfest in March except with hot metal pokers stirring your beer, caramelizing it into a new flavor. There’s tasty food fresh off the grill and also live music. I’m sure the band, as in past years, won’t play any of my requests. For any Kansas or Duke fans who may still be in the area this weekend, you should definitely seek out this event.

If you do decide to visit, look around for me and we’ll Prost to you finding a new adventure. I’ll most likely be the only one wearing a Royals stocking cap.

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