Four Favorite Words: Eight Is Enough?

Four Favorite Words: Eight Is Enough?

Four Favorite Words: Eight Is Enough?

Yes, I know it’s been over a year since I’ve revisited the Four Favorite Words posts. The funny thing about not having a forum for this bit o’ silliness is that my desire dropped as well. It wasn’t until a coworker remarked that I hadn’t put up any quotes or drawings or Four Favorite Word selections on my cube glass in a long time that I realized I missed doing those things. It seems others did too. What are my words from the above word salad?

  • Bedraggled
  • Hibiscus
  • Curriculum
  • Oolong

Why these words?

Bedraggled: Between people quitting, retiring, or getting terminated, I’ve taken on more responsibility and it’s definitely starting to wear thin. I’ve begun walking more at work, not just for the physical health benefits, but mostly the mental benefits. I find that I’m able to relieve stress and clear my head with several walks throughout the day.

Hibiscus: Before Las Vegas, I went to California last Fall for my cousin John’s wedding. I was thrilled to spend extra time with his parents as well as friends Corey & Mo. This flower bloomed everywhere and it looked & smelled wonderful.

Curriculum: I’ve been seeking alternative paths of learning and this stuck.

Oolong: I enjoy coffee, but given my ongoing stomach issues, I’ve been considering eliminating it from my diet. Some initial research shows that Oolong tea has weight-loss benefits. It’s also supposedly smoother and easier on the stomach.

What are your current Four Favorite Words and why?

If you want to delve into previous selections, start here.

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