Missing Las Vegas

Missing Las Vegas

In 2018, Mother Nature has been nothing if not schizophrenic. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been craving a sense of normalcy. In our region, Winter didn’t feel like Winter and now Spring hasn’t felt like Spring. This constant roller coaster where the temperature swings 40 degrees from day to day is wearing thin. It’s making me miss the beauty of a trip I took last fall to Las Vegas.

If at the mere mention of Las Vegas your mind races to What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, you couldn’t be more wrong. As part of my Get busy living initiative, I want to share this adventure. The premise of our trip was to see the Blues take on the NHL’s fledgling franchise, the Golden Knights, but there was so much more. Sure, a couple of the Boys Lost Weekenders hit the casinos, but mostly the fun was in exploring Vegas and its surrounding areas. We had as much fun grabbing a beer and walking the strip as we did exploring several casino’s amenities. After some of the guys headed back home, my friend Josh and I did some hiking and kayaking. Oh, we also found more tasty microbrewers.

Image one is from the Seven Magic Mountains outside Vegas. If you thought they were colorful kabobs, who could blame you.

Image two is from a kayaking trip down the Colorado river that included lots of side hiking trips to hot springs.

Image three is the sun peeking over the cliffs at the Valley of Fire.

Image four is from one of those aforementioned side hiking trips. This was at the beginning of Boy Scout which we were told is a three hour hike to traverse the entire distance.

Image five is the base of the Hoover Dam where our kayaking adventure dropped in very early in the morning.

Image six is a little hollowed canyon in the Valley of Fire where we were able to rest and eat lunch. It was cooler and less traversed which allowed us to escape the obnoxious group who suddenly surrounded us.

Image seven details the pictographs from the ancient local tribes in the Valley of Fire.

Image eight is simply the sun peeking over the ridge in the Valley of Fire.

Image nine is a long distance shot of the petroglyphs at the Valley of Fire. If I had a closer shot, you’d see that the rock-face openings were living spaces. Crazy, huh?

Image ten is also from the Valley of Fire. I’m amazed that the sun rays are so clearly defined against the blue sky.

Image eleven is from the glass flowers adorning the ceiling at the Bellagio hotel.

Image twelve is the small chrysanthemum garden also at the Bellagio hotel. Honestly, I enjoyed the flora and “fauna” at the Bellagio immensely.

Finally, image thirteen is from the KISS-themed mini-golf course inside the Rio Casino. If you like KISS, this is a must-see attraction. Even if you don’t like KISS, the kitsch of it all is simply fun.

All photos were taken with my work iPhone 6. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality.

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