Music Mondays: The Vaccines, Orquesta Akokán, and The Republic of Wol

The Vaccines, Orquesta Akokán, and The Republic of Wolves

Okay, let’s see if I recall how to do this. This week I’d like to share The Vaccines, Orquesta Akokán, and The Republic of Wolves with everyone.

The Vaccines: Combat Sports

The Vaccines Combat Sports

British alt/indie rockers, The Vaccines, released their fourth studio album last Friday entitled Combat Sports. Before last Friday, I had never heard this band. Upon first listen, however, I heard similarities with The Kooks and even a bit of Arctic Monkeys. There’s plenty of energy packed into each song as the band dives from one track into the next. My first reaction during the initial listen was tapping my foot and breaking my attention away from work. Great signs for a catchy album.

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Orquesta Akokán: Orquesta Akokán

Orquesta Akokán: Orquesta Akokán

Full disclosure, I’m by no means a Latin music aficionado. That didn’t stop me from enjoying Orquesta Akokán‘s self-titled album. Maybe it’s my limited exposure to this type of music and culture, but this is how I imagine Cuba in the 50s – rhythmic, colorful, and passionate. Listening to this, I can almost feel the heat and imagine the humidity condensing to sluice over the skin of the locals dancing. Perhaps that’s due to the recording process.

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The Republic of Wolves: Shrine

The Republic of Wolves: Shrine

The Republic of Wolves is rapidly becoming my favorite new (to me) band in 2018. Shrine is the band’s third full-length album, but they have been around for longer as the members pulled together from other bands like Tigers on Trains, Souveneer, and American Gospel. The music is often dark, the lyrics show emotional intelligence, and the instrumentation culminates in the band’s gestalt. This album has had more listens than any other over this past weekend. The track Birdless Cage has haunted me since last Friday. Perhaps that’s why the band submitted it for NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert competition.

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