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Google Play Is Moving To YouTube Music

Google Play Is Moving To YouTube Music

In case you missed my sneaky little drop in last night’s Music Monday post, Google Play is moving to YouTube Music.

Google Play to YouTube Screenshot

There have been rumors for awhile now about this move and at first I didn’t think much of it. These rumors flare up and die down and then flare up again in another slightly morphed form. When I saw news articles popping up more frequently in my news feed, a minor panic set in. It seems this isn’t really a matter of if it will happen so much as when. I have a little under 21,000 songs stored on Google Play (and that’s not even the entire music collection) and I’m concerned about what will happen when they finally shutter the service.

I should admit that I once swore I would never pay for a streaming service since I had the bulk of my collection accessible from anywhere with a browser and an internet connection. That lasted until about 2.5 years ago. When Google Play offered four months of their service for free, I figured why not try it. That’s how they get you and I’ve been begrudgingly/happily paying for the service ever since. Truth be told, the Music Monday posts were a driving factor as I was able to find 99.99% (stupid iTunes exclusive releases aside) of the new music I wanted to check out each week. Anyway…

Thanks to an article today on droidlife, my apprehension has eased a little. Per the article:

According to Fowler, who was replying to a question on Twitter, your music collection, playlists, and preferences should all come over to YouTube Music, as YouTube will “do the heavy lifting for you.”

Reading the comments sections is rarely beneficial, but this time some of the posts did offer up valid concerns and I downloaded the app to check it out for myself.

YouTube Music App

The screenshot above is how the new YouTube Music app greeted me. Hello Kishi Bashi! Okay, technically, you’re greeted with an artist featured in a “Your Mixtape” tile. I assume that tile is populated by some algorithmic results culled from past YouTube searches since it’s been a minute since I’ve listened to Kishi Bashi.

As you can see from the icons, the app has the standard features like sharing, casting, favoriting, and etc. Notice the red circle play icon? Slide it to the left and it turns into a white headphones icon. This slider allows you to toggle between video and audio modes. This was one of the concerns listed in the comments section. Sliding into the audio mode, you skip any non-song-related intros that often accompany videos. Move the slider back to the right and the video resumes playing.

Audio quality from the app was also a concern from the comments section, but I don’t know why. Most modern music apps don’t skimp on the audio quality, so your fail point is more likely your device’s speaker quality. The app sounded just fine on my Pixel 2. At the moment, as long as everything transfers over without issue, I probably won’t take issue with the migration. I’ll still reserve final judgement until after it’s been fully implemented for a few months.

I would be remiss if I didn’t provide a link to this version of Manchester (one of my favorite versions).

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