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I hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day. Fear not, just because it’s a holiday that doesn’t mean you have to go without new music. Thanks to a solid day of meetings and phone calls last Friday, my usual crop of a dozen or so musical candidates was limited to about four albums. Before we dive into Chvrches’ latest, honorable mentions go out to Thunderpussy’s eponymous album as well as Lithics’ Mating Surfaces.

Chvrches: Love Is Dead

Chvrches: Love Is Dead

Scottish synthpoppers Chvrches released their third album entitled Love Is Dead and it joins illuminati hotties in 2018’s Soundtrack of Summer category. There’s a familiarity with this album as it evokes memories of bands from my younger days as well as newer artists like Grimes. The music is upbeat and the vibe is light even when the subject matter turns a bit darker. Consider some of the lyrics from Heaven/Hell as lead singer Lauren Mayberry ponders her public and private identity:

Do you ever wonder what we learned?
We can raise our glasses, dancing on the ashes as it burns
Have you reached the point of no return?
We can raise our glasses, dancing on the ashes as it burns

Is this heaven or is this hell?
Through a silver screen, you’re sayin’ what you mean
But I can’t tell
Is this heaven or is this hell?
If none of this is real, then show me what you feel
‘Cause I can’t tell

This album has a different feel than previous Chvrches releases. I’m not saying that’s a good or bad thing, it’s just different. Earlier albums were self-produced while this has input from others like noted producer Greg Kurstin, Matt Berninger from The National, and former Eurythmics  guitarist/producer Dave Stewart. Given the musical cross-section these gentlemen represent, this is most likely why the album feels familiar.

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