Welcome To Summer: KC Nanobrew Festival

Welcome To Summer: KC Nanobrew Festival

KC Nanobrew Festival

Welcome to your Memorial Day Weekend and the unofficial start of Summer. While I’m at it, I might as well welcome you to the 2018 KC Nanobrew Festival. Seasoned festival attendees may be thinking Whoopdee doo, another beer festival, but this one is different than others. Long time friend and occasional brewing co-conspirator, Josh, introduced me to this festival a few years ago and I’ve, fairly or unfairly, judged other festivals by its standards ever since.

Perhaps the most significant difference between this festival and others is this festival caps attendance. The KC Nanobrew Festival moved to the Berkley Riverfront Park a few years ago and the grounds are spacious. No more overcrowding. It also features smaller, local brewers who offer more unique beers. No more standing in long lines just to be offered something you can find on your local grocery store’s shelves. Although you’ll still only get a 2-4oz pour, you receive a full-sized glass. I frequently use my previous festival glasses while enjoying selections from my own beer stash. Ticket prices are still reasonable. At $35, not only do you get that full-sized glass, but that price also includes a $5 food voucher and any water you need. It still blows my mind that some festivals (especially during hot Summer months) charge for water. With many festivals charging $50 – $120, this feels far more reasonable.

Before you ask, no, I’ve never paid $120 to attend one of these festivals. I understand that those pricier festivals are offering more in the form of exclusive beer samplings from more popular or well-known brewers. That cost also includes multiple bands. The scope for these festivals is much grander, but I’d rather avoid the crowd. As with bands or concerts, the smaller more intimate event is far more preferable.

Today is supposed to be a scorcher, so attending this festival will either be 2018’s worst best idea or the best worst idea I’ve had. If you’re attending, come find me and we’ll toast over a new beer find.

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