Music Mondays: Arthur Buck, SOPHIE, and Johnny Marr

Arthur Buck, SOPHIE, and Johnny Marr

Welcome back to multiple artist Music Monday selections! While I’m pleased to share Arthur Buck, SOPHIE, and Johnny Marr, it was difficult to limit myself. Honorable mentions go out for Mike Shinoda’s Post Traumatic, Protomartyr’s Consolation, Yuno’s Moodie, Chromeo’s Head Over Heels, and Marisa Anderson’s Cloud Corner.

Arthur Buck: Arthur Buck

Arthur Buck: Arthur Buck

Starting off the week, we have Arthur Buck‘s eponymous album. It would be dismissive to describe this album as REM without Michael Stipe on vocals. True, Peter Buck’s guitar arrangements hearken back to REM’s glory days. But I ask you, is that a bad thing? Hell no! The man helped shaped the band who shaped a generation with socially conscious indie rock. Now add singer-songwriter Joseph Arthur and things start to get weird… in a good way. The album is spiritually and lyrically present. It references our current political climate, our over-reliance on technology, and the rise of the social media shadow warrior. The musical arrangements don’t just tip the hat to older REM. They deftly wind their way through multiple genres as well as pay homage to artists like The Beatles, David Bowie, and Talking Heads. This one will grow on you.

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Scotland-born, but now LA-based, SOPHIE released her debut album, OIL OF EVERY PEARL’S UN-INSIDES. This ambitious album is incredibly difficult to describe and I think that’s one reason it’s burrowed under my skin. The first track, It’s Okay to Cry, lures you in with lilting, hypnotic synth hits and ASMR-like vocals. Fair warning, it’s the album’s siren’s wail.  It lures the listener in and then the second track Pony Boy turns everything on its ear. The listener isn’t the same afterwards. I wouldn’t be surprised if we learned SOPHIE is a Marvel LMD and she’s entrapped us in The Framework. There’s plenty of digital music chicanery aflipper/afoot, but I can’t seem to stop listening to it.

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Johnny Marr: Call the Comet

Johnny Marr: Call The Comet

I was never really a Smith’s fan and can’t recall exactly why. I loved Girlfriend in a Coma so much I used it in a sketch about Domestic Violence. However, there was something that always pulled me away from the band. Maybe it was a Morrissey thing, I wish I could recall. Regardless, if the rest of their albums sound like Johnny Marr‘s Call the Comet, I’ll be revisiting those albums post-haste. As you would expect, the album is guitar-driven with plenty of jangle, arpeggios, and catchy riffs. I’m currently on my third listen through the album as I write this and I can’t recall anything resembling a typical guitar solo. This is a convertible-with-the-top-down-and-radio-blaring album.

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