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Music Mondays: Tancred


Sorry, history buffs. If you came seeking news on your favorite leader of the First Crusade, you’re looking in the wrong place. Sorry, nothing new on your preferred Prince of Galiliee or the raddest regent of the Principality of Antioch. Nope, we’re listening to the band, Tancred. Now that we’re clear on that, I’ve got to get to gettin’ as they say. Company is coming this week and I need to keep this short.

Tancred: Nightstand

Tancred: Nightstand

Technically, I misspoke above. Tancred isn’t a band name so much as the stage name for Jess Abbott. If that name rings a bell, it’s likely because she is the former guitarist for the band Now, Now. Nightstand is her fourth full-length album release under this moniker. Listening to this album conjures memories of artists like Poe and The Juliana Hatfield Three. The album offers up multiple dynamics as songs like Clipping revel in a dreamy drone while the very next track jumps into lo-fi garage rock that cracks and buzzes. She deftly adds strings to various tracks and it brings an ominous feel to the song Underwear.  Add in the lyrics:

Been beating myself up

I’ve been known to throw a punch or three

I don’t wanna fight you

I’m already fighting me and I’m losing

That begins the song, but it heads in a different direction afterwards. Fun fact: it appears today (June 4) is Jess Abbott’s birthday, so a Happy Birthday to her and congrats on the new album!

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