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Making the connections
Making the connections

Farewell Facebook

Facebook Says FU To WP

I haven’t been on Facebook since late 2009. I know it doesn’t seem that way thanks to WordPress’ third-party connection to posting on FB. That still allowed me the slightest connection, albeit one-way, to those friends still on FB. Well as of tomorrow, that all changes:

We wanted to update you about an upcoming change Facebook is introducing to their platform, and which affects how you may share posts from your Jetpack-connected website to your Facebook account.

Starting August 1, 2018, third-party tools can no longer share posts automatically to Facebook Profiles. This includes Publicize, the Jetpack tool that connects your site to major social media platforms (like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook).

While Facebook says it is introducing this change to improve their platform and prevent the misuse of personal profiles, we believe that eliminating cross-posting from WordPress is another step back in Facebook’s support of the open web, especially since it affects people’s ability to interact with their network (unless they’re willing to pay for visibility) We know that this might cause a disruption in the way you and your Facebook followers interact, and if you’d like to share your concerns with Facebook, we urge you to head to their Help Community to speak out.

Love The WordPress.​com Team

So this is it. I’ll still keep posting on this site, but the F in FAANG says you won’t get to see it there. Feel free to check in occasionally. Drop me a line here or on Twitter if you like. Heck, if you’re really so inclined, let’s actually meet up. You know, out in the real world. I have stories to tell. You have stories to tell. It could be like the 90s or early 2000s again. [JD daydream pose]

Until that time, I’ll just leave you with these eloquently stated sentiments from John Oliver.

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