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Tuneful Tuesdays: Best Bang For Your Buck Pt. 2

Best Bang For Your Buck Pt. 2

As promised yesterday, I bring you six more albums for the Best Bang For Your Buck Pt. 2. Today we’re checking out Lucie Silvas, Joey Dosik, The Lemon Twigs, Rubblebucket, Blood Orange, and Tuung. Off you go!

Lucie Silvas: E.G.O.

Best Bang For Your Buck Pt. 2:- Lucie Silvas: E.G.O.

How does one sum up Lucie Silvas and her latest album, E.G.O.? She’s a British singer-songwriter, sure. She’s also equal parts Bonnie Raitt, Courtney Barnett, and Jenny Lewis. She’s a little bit country. She’s a little bit bluesy. Were you expecting something else? Fine, she’s a little bit rock & roll. She’s worldly, but also quite down to Earth.

Lucie Silvas on YouTube
Lucie Silvas on Spotify

Joey Dosik: Inside Voice

Joey Dosik: Inside Voice

With Inside VoiceJoey Dosik reminds the world how many of us came into existence – courtesy of sweet 70s soul. He doesn’t have Barry White’s raw panty-dropping bass tones, but he’s no slouch with the smooove. This album is sparse, but no less evocative for it.

Joey Dosik on YouTube
Joey Dosik on Spotify

The Lemon Twigs: Go To School

The Lemon Twigs: Go To School

The Lemon Twigs pack their latest album, Go to School, with … I had this elaborate description ready and then I came across Pitchfork’s headline and realized I could do no better:

The Lemon Twigs’ New Album Is a Musical About a Chimpanzee, Starring Todd Rundgren as His Father

Sam Sodomsky – Pitchfork associate staff writer

See what I mean?

The Lemon Twigs on YouTube
The Lemon Twigs on Spotify

Rubblebucket: Sun Machine

Rubblebucket: Sun Machine

Sun Machine is the fifth studio album of Alternative/Indie/Jam & Funk band Rubblebucket. Considering the band members play flute, trumpet, tenor & baritone saxophones, and trombone, the horns are featured often, but also fit nicely in the tasty grooves. Lead vocalist Annakalmia Traver reminds me often of Poe.

Rubblebucket on YouTube
Rubblebucket on Spotify

Blood Orange: Negro Swan

Blood Orange: Negro Swan

Fair warning: I freely admit Blood Orange‘s Negro Swan didn’t grab me like his previous two. I don’t know if it was just my mood last Friday or something else. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad album. It’s grown on me as I listen to it again and it may take multiple listens for you too.

Blood Orange on YouTube
Blood Orange on Spotify

Tunng: Songs You Make At Night

Tunng: Songs You Make At Night

Okay, I hear you. I’ve featured plenty of different musical styles in these posts, but you want something different. You want folktronica? Happy to oblige. Enjoy Tunng‘s sixth full-length album, Songs You Make At Night. Ethereal vocals layer amidst hypno-like grooves with acoustic guitar punctuation. There are other plinky plunky instruments on this album that sneak into the tracks, but I can’t place what they are.

Tunng on YouTube
Tunng on Spotify

Stay tuned for the conclusion of the Best Bang For Your Buck… Coming Soon!

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