Great Nebraska Beer Fest 2018

Great Nebraska Beer Fest 2018

I don’t know about the rest of you, but the weekend could’ve gotten here several days earlier and with it the Great Nebraska Beer Fest 2018.

Great Nebraska Beer Fest 2018

The goal this week was simple. Work remotely a couple days while addressing family medical issues then go “off the grid” the remainder of the week. One cancer scare and a couple deaths later and, well, the best laid plans…

Given the above and having to log into work each day of my PTO, I appreciate that the Great Nebraska Beer Fest 2018 happens today. According to the site:

The Great Nebraska Beer Fest is a true regional beer fest in that we’re drawing in never-before-seen brewers and their beers to join us.  A celebration of American Craft Beer with a spotlight on Nebraska and regional breweries.

One of my biggest difficulties attending beer festivals over the past few years is finding offerings that I’ve never tasted before. Far too often the selection is akin to anything you could find at your local grocery or liquor store. I get that brewers want to offer samplings for festival n00bies, but eventually that demographic dwindles and connoisseurs need something to draw them back. After checking out the site’s beer finder, it’s showing a wealth of new tasty treats. Before the heat kicks in, these must be sampled!


The only other wish I have is that festival organizers would mimic KC’s Nanobrew Fest and include an app to make finding things easier. First world problems, right?

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