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Making the connections

Holiday Writing Experiment: The Sequel

Holiday Writing Experiment: Teh Sequel Blinking cursor

Remember me? If memory serves, I wrote something awhile back about starting a new chapter and then irony reared its ugly head and I felt uninspired to write anything at all. Perhaps it’s the focus more on finding a new job or perhaps it’s just that life has a funny way of saying, “Oh, you think you’re getting a fastball in this 2-0 count? Haha, Curveball!” Don’t ask why my life speaks in baseball parlance. Be that as it may, it’s time to answer in kind by adjusting my plate approach. What does that mean? Look at what’s happening and let my hands react.

You might be thinking Great, but I still don’t understand what that means. Also, baseball is boring… especially in Winter. *GASP* What you said! Fine, I’ll make it simple. After several discussions with my sister-in-law, Kelly, and a few other friends, I’m returning to a project I began a couple years ago – the Holiday Writing Experiment. If you’re new to this site or in case you don’t recall what I’m referencing, you can read here where it all began. If you want to skip straight to the previous stories, you can search on the flash fiction or holiday writing experiment tags. Look for more works in the coming days and, if you have a favorite holiday song you’d like to suggest, leave it below in the comments I’ll try to work it in.

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