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Making the connections
Making the connections

Silent Night

Silent Night

Stille Nacht (Silent Night)

Cora clutched the scissors as she stared at herself in the full-length mirror hanging from her bedroom closet. Something was different this morning, but what? She looked around her room and then back to herself again as thoughts filled her head.

Same sleep-filled eyes that you somehow can’t completely clear until after your 8:00 AM Introduction to Astrophysics class? Check. Same long, wild berry-colored hair that shocked mom and dad when you came home from college for winter break two days ago? Absolutely! Everything seems normal.

She turned to the side and placed one hand on her stomach.

Everything except your gigantic, pregnant belly that is! What the hell is happening?

It wasn’t too much food and it wasn’t bloat. She felt movement inside her. She felt life. Tears welled like water being dammed before bursting from her eyes. She stood before the mirror for an hour struggling for any explanation. No answers came. How could she explain this anyone? How could she balance a baby and her coursework? There were far more thoughts than answers and it needed to stop.

She stared at her belly and the scissors in her hand. A thought flashed through her mind.

Whoa! You didn’t get where you are today by making stupid, rash decisions. You’ll figure this out.

As she moved to place the scissors back in her desk drawer, she noticed a ripple in her peripheral vision. She returned her gaze back to the mirror as the glass rippled and a foot emerged from the glass. She gasped and jumped back as the foot preceded the remaining parts of a leg, torso, and the entirety of a large, bearded man. She raised the scissors to defend herself.

With an urgent look, the large man began speaking, but she couldn’t understand what he was saying. The bushy beard obscured his mouth and speech. He didn’t appear threatening, so she watched him closer. With her empty hand, she raised her index finger to pause the stranger in her bedroom. He ignored her and continued to talk. She raised her finger more emphatically, but his expression turned graver and he continued to talk.

When she thrust her index finger in his face, he stopped. She pulled it back, placed it in front of her ear and moved it toward her mouth, and said, “I’m deaf.” She continued signing and mouthing the words to tell him she didn’t understand what he was saying. He nodded in understanding, raised his index and middle finger, and moved toward her. She took a step back. He paused, slowly pointed at her forehead, and waited for her approval. She nodded.

As his fingers touched her forehead, she heard sounds again, not with her ears, but inside her head.

“My name is Maddox and I deeply apologize for the fright I gave you when entering your room, but it is vital that I speak with you. I realize how confused you must be, but you need to understand what events the Celestials have set in motion with the child you now carry. Your daughter is going to save all of existence.”

As if this day couldn’t get any weirder, Cora thought.

Inspired by Mannheim Steamroller (and my days at Circa ’21) – 
Stille Nacht (Silent Night)

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