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Kansas City Chiefs: 2018-2019 Wrap Up

Kansas City Chiefs: 2018-2019 Wrap Up

Congratulations to the 2018-2019 Kansas City Chiefs on a successful season. Yes, I called it a successful season. The team won the AFC West. Again. They also earned the number one seed and a first round bye. They cruised in a home victory against a hot Colts team that had their number in recent years. Sure, the entire city (and most of the country outside of the Boston area) wanted them to beat the Patriots tonight to head to the first Super Bowl in 49 years. Sure, losing to those Patriots stings like hell. That loss, however, doesn’t mean the season was a failure.

Kansas City Chiefs: 2018-2019 Wrap Up ChiefsPatsFinal

My guess over the coming days is the prevailing outcry will be for Bob Sutton’s firing. To be fair, I don’t think that’s undeserved. His defense was second-to-last this season and they have steadily declined over the past three years. The fact that Tony Romo broke down his defensive scheme from the booth and predicted what Belichick and Brady were about to do speaks volumes. But all of the blame doesn’t fall at Sutton’s feet. Did he line up off-sides on the interception play that could have sealed a Chiefs victory during regulation? Was he the one who left gaping holes so Sony Michel could average 3.9 yds/rush? Was he in coverage that allowed Patriots receivers 11.6 yds/catch? Was he the one who called an abysmal first half offense? Nope. There are personnel issues that need shoring up too.

There are bright spots, though. Turns out this Mahomes kid is the real deal and he will keep the Chiefs in every game for years to come. This won’t be the last AFC Championship game for the Chiefs. If he stays healthy, there could be a decade of dominance. Many of us KC sports fans remember how the 2014 Royals came up a mere 90 feet short of a World Series Championship. I still say that’s what made the 2015 World Series win that much sweeter. Keep your heads up, Chiefs fans, brighter days are still ahead.

Finally, let’s look back to how I fared in my pre-season predictions. I predicted the Chiefs would go 10-6 and win the AFC West. They went 12-4 and won the AFC West. Let’s call that a loss and a win. Who knew Mahomes was going to light the league up like he did? I correctly identified 13 of 16 regular season games making me 81% accurate. Sadly for the Chiefs, though, I am 100% accurate with the post-season predictions. That makes me 83% accurate overall. How did you fare?

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