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Making the connections

Music Mondays: The Best Albums of 2018

The Best Albums of 2018

Before I get to the music, allow me to say welcome to 2019! I meant to post this in the final week of 2018 in case there was a dark horse entry, but no such luck. It’s probably for the best as family events took almost all my time. It’s amusing to me when I remember that I didn’t even start off 2018 with an active blog. One of the first entries upon resuming the site was catching up on all the music that I’d missed since the start of the year. What a musical year it was! As I looked back through all the Music Monday posts, I’m amazed at the number of albums I’d completely forgotten about, yet now get to enjoy all over again.

As you should all know by now, I dislike placing music in any sort of countdown order because it’s all subjective. What I might deem as a top ten contender this week might fall to higher spot next week. Styles/genres can raise or lower like an ocean buoy, so alphabetical order is the only fair way to go. With that in mind, here are [drumroll]…

The Best Albums of 2018

Yes, I gave you 60 because I care more about your musical options than all those other music sites. I mention those sites because once I make my list I like checking out the others to see where we agree and disagree. I also then get to pick through the albums I missed to find more gems. Here they are in case you’re like me and haven’t had time to check them out yet:

Rolling Stone
The Guardian
The A.V. Club

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